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On November 1st, 1949, pen was taken to paper and with a single stroke, the Illinois Secretary of State, officially recognized Skyline Cocker Club, Inc. From that moment 56 years ago, the purpose of the club has been to promote the best interests of the pure-bred American Cocker Spaniel; to encourage breeders in producing and maintaining sound Cockers and to maintain among the group, the highest spirit of cooperation and devotion to the principle of good sportsmanship.

While a great deal of the club’s early history of the club has been lost, the archives that do exist are due in part to Prudence “Prudy” Gaynor, Skyline cocker Club’s secretary for over 30 years. It is through the club records, show catalogs and premiums that we can revisit $5.00 entry fees and $20.00 cash prizes for Best of Breed. With tenacity, enthusiasm and an eye for detail – today’s Skyline Cocker Club members plan and implement club events, challenges, matches and educational seminars by the high standards set by club’s original officers: Mrs. H.B. Davis Jr., President; MR. Raymond Miller, Treasurer and Mrs. LeRoy Duggan, Secretary.

In 1969, Skyline Cocker Club hosted the Zone III area show, the club’s 23rd annual specialty show. Sweepstakes judge at that show was Mr. G. Richard Jones, Phi-Tau Cockers; Regular Class judge was Mr. Louis Hamsher, Shiloh Dell Cockers. In 1975 Skyline Cocker Club once again hosted the Zone III show as the club’s 29th annual Specialty. Sweepstakes judge was John Gymer, Phi-Tau Cockers and Larry Hardy, Hob-Nob-Hill judged regular classes. In 2005, the club hosted their 60th Specialty show in New Lenox, IL with Sweepstakes judge Matt Reagan and regular class judge Eleanor (Lee) Brown.

While there is no guarantee until entries close, exhibitors at Skyline Cocker Club shows know that there’s almost always “a major in every class”. That simple fact can be attributed solely to a little Midwest club that believes a specialty show should be organized for the convenience of their exhibitors and should be special. Today, Skyline Cocker Club hosts two back-to-back specialty shows with puppy sweepstakes and limited entry obedience each October. In addition the club supports the entries of all three Cocker Spaniel varieties at other area shows, hosts educational seminars on topics such as agility training and grooming for the show ring and has offered clinics for micro-chipping and eye exams.

Prepared by Kevin Hughes


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